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Colecție -Black line

What does Straşnic mean? Straşnic is passion. These products are not just simple pieces of wood, beautifully

crafted and carefully packed, but rather they are the union of a new look and unique experience.

Whether or not the market is ready for it, my focus is on creating dining/serving products, with my plan to elevate them to a much higher plane.

What sets me apart from other craftsmen is my finishing technique that has been lost in the mainstream fabrication process.

In order to fall in line with my quality goals, I strive to use all non-toxic products in the creation of my works.  Each and every piece is made with love, and without haste, and is finished with a rustic-style packaging, which is perfect

for any occasion.

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My new items are included in the "Black Line" collection. Why "Black Line"?

In my new collection, I bring a new image to my worksmanship,while retaining the functionality of serving platters.

Some say that it is easy to make a serving platter because there isn't much more than a block of wood.

I, however would like to interject, and present my work to you:

At a glance, all serving platters and cutting boards look alike.But is that really the case?

The wood has a life and personality all its own.  Through my Straşnic products, I breathe life into them, bringing a finishing touch that elevates any dishes, decor or life experiences.

Strasnic's products are more than just simple serving platters.  They are priceless.

What you pay for is not just a serving platter but rather a unique experience.