Solid wood cutting boards


Each cutting board model delivers a story, carefully carved along the natural wood grain. Many of the pieces that have been designed and fabricated by the skilled craftsman, Constantin Toderău, capture the attention through uniqueness, elegance, and viability.


DiscoverThe Story


High quality products come from high quality raw material. For this reason we only use certified raw materials that are carefully selected. We offer a wide range of solid oak cutting boards made with great craftsmanship. The perfect choice for serving culinary dishes.


Secretsof the Craft


Our craftsman brings a new vision to classic woodworking. The secret of the beautiful craftsmanship lies in the skillful handwork. Mastery of woodworking, and being an artisan of refinement via care and attention to details are how we are able to bring perfection to objects.


Craftman’s Heritage

Taking the time to ponder

Each product is a clear representation of the labor and skill of our craftsman's hands.Every shape and detail of his work comes from a thirst for beauty. Thus, every piece of wood touched by his hardworking hands is an expression of creation. This is Strasnic's story.