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Privacy Policy

Straşnic’s website ( is operated by the Toderau Octavian Constantin Individual
Enterprise company, based in Iasi, str. Vasile Urechia no. 2, enrolled in the Trade Registry,
number F22 / 998 / 17.10.2016, CUI 36669200 .
II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (Strasnic) takes the security of your data seriously and
does not sell your Personal Information to third parties and has no intention of doing so in the
Thus we guarantee the safe keeping of all your personal information that comes into our
possession, for the proper functioning of our relationship with you.
II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (Strasnic) is enrolled in the personal data processing
registry, number 0005241.
All the personal data we process ( that you provide us as a user / visitor ) is lawfully obtained.
The purpose of the information we collect is so we can enable you to use our services and
continue to conduct and expand our day-to-day business. By completing the registration form on
our website ( ), the user provides us their express consent to process
their data and also use it in the future, by the administrators of Straşnic
( ), for the following purposes:
● Establishing contact with customers;
● Order processing;
● Contest participation;
● Administrative or non-commercial notifications regarding website changes, user account
changes, etc.;
● Offers, promotions, advertising and marketing notifications regarding the activity of our
website and of third parties with which Straşnic ( ) has relations
of any kind (including commercial).
Our company will retain the personal data and will use it for the purpose of informing the users
about the status of their account on ( ), regarding the status of the
orders, as well as evaluating the products and services offered.
II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (STRASNIC) will only use your personal data for:
-communication with you;
-writing up invoices, contracts;
-sending newsletters and special offers;
-informing you about your account and status of your orders;
- requesting feedback and testimonials;
-delivery of products to the address indicated by you. In this case, your name, delivery address
and telephone number will be sent to the courier company that will execute the delivery.
The e-commerce platform ShopMania Biz, by which the online store operates, uses advanced systems and technologies to ensure data
protection and security, through physical, electronic and procedural protection mechanisms,
namely: - securing access to the website through SSL encryption; - shared access to databases
or other confidential information; - restriction of access after a number of unsuccessful attempts;
- customer data protection system;
- access levels for the users of the same store (each user receives only the access they need to
perform the functions); - various types of logs (access, system connection, errors, various
operations performed by each user); - the computers from which the data or other confidential
information is accessed are password-protected and have implemented antivirus, anti-spam and
firewall protection solutions with all up-to-date updates; - permanent monitoring of actions that
may cause security problems and immediate restriction of the accounts from which such
activities are carried out; - daily backups and their secure storage; - the use of high-performance
servers and the use of firewalls for protection against unauthorized access; - Advanced
protection against DDOS-type computer attacks (at the datacenter level as well as at the server
II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (STRASNIC) will not use your data for :
-transmitting it to third parties;
-SPAM: any user can delete their email address from the database or they can unsubscribe
from the newsletter by pressing the unsubscribe button in the Newsletter Footer.
- online payment processing. II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (STRASNIC) does not
receive and store the data necessary to make online payments. This data is transmitted by you
directly to the online payment processor we work with: Paypal.
- The courier company (Fan Courier) will have access to the name, address, telephone number
of those who placed an order on, in order to ensure the delivery of products in good
- The online payment processing company (PayPal) will have access to the name, address,
telephone number and email address of all customers who opt for payment by card;
Online Payment
If you choose the Online Payment option, the card data processing is done through the PayPal
servers, and II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN (STRASNIC) does not request and does
not store any details regarding your card.
Law no. 677/2001
In accordance with Law no. 677/2001, you benefit from the following rights with regards to the
personal data shared with
- the right to access the shared personal data;
- prevention of transmission of personal data;
- the right not to be subject to an individual decision;
- the right to take legal action;
- the right to oppose the processing of your personal data concerning you and to request the
deletion of this data.
For exercising these rights, you can contact II TODERAU OCTAVIAN CONSTANTIN
(STRASNIC) by email at - or by phone at 0751 501 016.
For more information about the Privacy Policy please contact us by phone or email at 0751
501 016 or