Solid wood cutting boards

The story of Strasnic

     s strasnic pngtrașnic tells the unique and undiscovered history of nature in each of our one-of-a-kind serving platters. Over the years, our skilled craftsman, Constantin Toderău, has designed and fabricated many durable and extraordinary pieces that are deeply rooted in his interpretation of times long past.The beautiful images and grain patterns that are found on wood throughout its process journey, are as if painted by divine hands and understood only by mother nature.

In 2005, Constantin Toderău followed in his grandfather's footsteps, and founded Strașnic: a workshop that retains the teachings from previous generations of craftsmen. The letter “S” that we imprint on all of our cutting boards symbolizes the connection between classic craftsmanship and the elements of modern design. By handcrafting our products we are able to retain the natural characteristics of the wood and to create a unique product.

In a city rich in cultural aspects, Iasi represents a small group of craftsmen that carry on the fascinating and lively stories of woodworking. In my quest of learning how to work with wood, I managed to captivate the essence of classical woodworking and instill it into the Strasnic cutting boards. Serving dishes on wooden cutting boards represents the joy and candor of the Romanian heritage.

From my “small, crazy dream” intended to change the image of serving culinary dishes, returning to our roots, culture and wooden cutting boards, Strasnic was born.


       Mission and values

Strașnic is a Romanian brand, specialized in making cutting boards and serving-trays made of solid wood. At Strașnic we believe that we do all the right things: We are dedicated to our clients, we handle all partnerships with seriousness, honesty and an ethical spirit and we come up with the right solutions for each client.

      Principles and ambitions

In the years since our founding we have created high-quality, premium products and ensured that all our clients are valued and respected while meeting all their expectations. Our ambition is to win over as many consumers around the world by creating cutting boards that are designed for each kitchen or space meant for serving culinary dishes.

      Tradition and vision

Strașnic is represented via an old Romanian name, a seal on products that reminds us of our origins, and is crowned by the story of craftsmen shown in the woodwork. In times since passed, the symbol of the ram horns was used to represent carpenters and to protect them from harm and it's no surprise that Strașnic’s logo is reminiscent of this symbol in an effort to strengthen our connection to nature, each other, and our past.