The story of Strasnic began during my childhood as I sat by my grandfather's side in his small carpentry shop.  It was there that I understood, as it took shape, how to work with wood. The years have gone by, but once again we are reapplying the teachings of the past. We are reliving the story of Strasnic.

Cutting boards are one of the most utilized ustensils in the kitchen, doubling as serving platters. In a world that trends towards perfection, our craftsman our products, without industrialized methods, through sweat and dedication, to bring each piece to life. Imperfections give personality, whereas the lack thereof create a lifeless object that seems mass produced by machinery.

Our Strasnic platters/ boards, bring a rustic touch to modern kitchens that throwback to the warm scenes of the past, but also can be a special gift to be given at anytime.

 They are handmade and naturally finished with tung oil and beeswax so that, as the name implies, they will withstand the test of the time.

Relive the story of Strasnic with us!

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